My Faded Remix

In the last week we have been working on a remix for the song Faded by Alan Walker. We got a version of it in sound trap where everything was in the correct position however it was all in piano. We had to find a track that sounded like the original and adjust the volume. We also had to add the various swishes and drum beats throughout the song. At the end of it I added a little extra at the end of the song. This is what I made in the end: ( Vinnie's Faded Remix ) Hope to continue writing soon... Vinnie.


_____________________________________________________________________________________ Hello!    My name is Vinnie and I do music in Kapiti College. I am 13 (Year 9) and I love all things automotive. I play hockey but most importantly, I really enjoy listening to and creating music. I play the guitar and my favorite type of music is either Blues or 60's rock! The first thing we did in music was have a go on chrome lab. My first creation was a mess but once I had got the hang of it I managed to re-create 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Here is the link: Next, we went to a website called Incredibox (  ) and I had a play around. This is what I created: When I got back to school after the lock down, we were assigned to make a space themed song. I had an idea. Very airy, makes you feel lonely. The tool we were given to make thi